Rich Gordon and Jerry Hill draw a crowd of over 100 in Los Altos

If you missed the League’s “Meet Your Local Elected Officials”event on March 3 here’s the scoop. Our event headliners, Rich Gordon and Jerry Hill discussed the top 3 priorities of the State Legislature. In the spirit of our local League’s Observer Reports, here is a transcript of the five minutes of remarks made by Rich Gordon and Jerry Hill. (Their oratorical style was preserved, but small edits were made to improve readability.)

LWV Los Altos - greeting the public

Over 100 persons attending

As can be seen in the photo at the top, over 100 people attended the event, including about 40 officials and staff and about 60 members of the public.




Rich Gordon’s Remarks

Over the last two years the state of California has dealt with a budget deficit problem of $27 billion dollars.   We cut $20 billion dollars worth of programs and services for the state.  The voters in November passed prop 30 which helped us with the last 7 billion. So the governor was able to present to us at the state a balanced budget. But balanced very delicately and in a fragile kind of way. Any prolonged federal sequestration will throw that completely out of kilter.  Federal funds we receive at the state will be diminished. And across the state communities will begin to experience various levels of dismay. Probably the city in the state that will be hit the hardest will be San Diego, because of the heavy military presence in that community. So we thought we had our fiscal house almost in order. But it may not be. So I expect over the next several months that will be one of the major issues we will be dealing with in Sacramento. We will work to adopt the state budget by June.

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