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Mountain View City Council Candidates 2014 – Popular Questions for Aug. 27 Forum

UPDATE Aug. 27

Fourty-six people submitted 13 questions and submitted 99 votes online on the Google Moderator web application.  As of Aug. 27, the most popular question to pose to Mountain View City Council candidates remains the one about how to get an LASD school located in North Mountain View. Why? Apparently news about the existence of the online question submission opportunity reached folks in Los Altos, but not in Mountain View?



Google Moderator software now helps power our Candidate Forums with some participatory democracy technology. The LWV of Los Altos Mountain View and the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce are crowd-sourcing questions from the public online BEFORE the Aug. 27 Forum for Mountain View City Council Candidates 2014.

Aug. 27. Doors open 5:30pm. Forum 6-8pm. Reception afterwards. Microsoft Bldg. 1 at 1065 Avenida St., Mountain View. See this post for a map. Registration Required.

Google Questions so far are here.

Guidelines for Google Questions are here.

As usual LWV volunteers also will collect attendees question cards 30 minutes before and during the live forum. The final questions that are posed to the 9 candidates during the two hour Q&A  are selected and prioritized by experienced LWV volunteers knowledgeable about City of Mountain View issues.

The online popularity of the Google Moderator questions submitted by the public will help shape the Q&A.  You can go take a look without logging in.

To vote FOR a question or AGAINST a question you must log into google with a google gmail account. However, you can choose to cloak your identity with an alias, much like one can do on the MV Voice comments.

You also must be logged in to submit a new question. The software will try to detect duplicate questions and also will hold questions if they contain obscene or hot-button terms.  But in general if you submit a new question, it will appear immediately.



Screenshot of Google Moderator for Aug. 27 2014 Forum Mountain View City Council Candidates 2014