Two LWVLAMV members at May 2013 Convention

Bold New Members Pass Motion to Study UC, CSU and CC Systems


Lucas Ramirez at Program Planning workshop 2013
Lucas Ramirez at the January program planning meeting in Los Altos when he first proposed expansion of the League position to include higher education beyond community colleges

[UPDATE March 19, 2014. Are you interested in learning more about higher education in our state? Are you great as part of a team? Are you looking for a top-notch professional experience doing good? Apply to serve on our Higher Education Study Committee:  Yes, the little study proposal  that started right here in our own LWMV chapter January 2013 is now a real, official LWV of California study.  The scope is not quite the same as was proposed last May, but the “founders” — Lucas Ramirez, Max Beckman-Harned and Ellen Wheeler — are please that the state league will actually develop a position of the State and UC systems.  Right now the state league only has positions on k-12 and community colleges – a gap in coverage.  So do a good deed and apply to extend League positions to our State and UC systems.]

At the LWVC State Convention May 16-19 in San Jose, the State Board and staff urged delegates to “Be Bold” just like our forbears when they fought for suffrage. New members Lucas Ramirez and Max Beckman-Harned heeded this call to action, boldly proposing and passing a new State League study on California higher education.

Lucas and Max were joined by numerous key supporters who advised on the strategy and tactics for jumping through all the right parliamentary hoops at the convention. It’s no easy feat to get a “not recommended by State Board ” motion approved by delegates. In pictures and words, you will see what was passed and how they beat the odds. Be Bold!

Bold New Members Pass Motion To Study

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