July 9, 2019

The City Council authorized the staff to execute an agreement to NOVA Partners, Inc. to oversee the construction management of the community center project which includes demolition as well as construction of the new facility. Staff researched projects managed by the consulting firm, and found it highly ranked with demonstrated competence and professional qualifications.

The Ad Hoc Committee for the Friends of the Library received the recommendation for placement of a temporary portable building between the soccer field and the library, and City Council directed staff to enter an agreement for use until community center is finished.

The City Council adopted a resolution to allocate funds for a Complete Streets Study to update the city’s Bike and Pedestrian Plan, Route to Schools map, transit transportation plan, and concept plans for the ‘hot spots’ in corridors and intersections in the city. Besides using the city’s two year’s worth of allotments for specific projects from the county VTA-TDA, the city will use Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funds to raise the $150,000 needed for the study.

Council members Anita Enander and Jan Pepper from the Ad Hoc Committee to provide ideas for City Council Community Engagement suggested a pilot study with five neighborhood meetings in the fall to get ideas for community engagement activities. The council directed staff to provide guidelines.

The City Council introduced and waived further reading of the city ordinance to amend a section of the Los Altos Municipal Code about incentive standards of Density Bonus Regulations. The city uses a menu of incentives from the state list of Density Bonus Regulations to entice developers to address needs in their plans that will meet the affordable housing needs of the city. Developers may request waivers for up to three modifications of incentive standards. The Council will limit a single incentive to be used only once per project. In other words, a plan cannot use one incentive modification twice in a single project and still count only three modifications to incentives. The plan can be denied in general for specific adverse impacts on public health and safety and ‘double-dipping’ of an incentive to get a project approved is one way Los Altos will use to deny a project.

No meeting July 23, 2019

Addendum: Tuesday, July 30, 2019, at City Council special meeting, the council approved (3 yea, 2 nay) Gonsalves & Stronck Construction Company to provide demolition and construction for the new community center.

-Claire Noonan, Observer