Los Altos City Council – September 2019

September 10, 2019

City Council adopted an ordinance of the Los Altos Municipal Code to revise Density Bonus regulations regarding incentive standards for properties to be developed in Los Altos. Discussions about the ordinance took place during the July and August 2019 meetings. The city uses a menu of incentives from the state list of Density Bonus Regulations to entice developers to address options in their plans that will meet the affordable housing needs of the city. Developers may request waivers for up to three modifications of incentive standards. The ordinance revision limits a single incentive to be used only once per project. If an incentive is used more than once it is treated as an Off-Menu request. The ordinance revision goes into effect 31 days after adoption.

City Council authorized Vice Mayor Jan Pepper to draft a response after they reviewed staff recommended statements about the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury Report concerning governance of the VTA. The Grand Jury report’s findings state that the VTA Board of Directors lack experience and time to administer well. The report recommends that the chair of the VTA board be elected for a two-year term and show improvement in their duties within six months. The California penal code requires public agencies’ governing bodies to comment within 90 days of the June 16, 2019 report distribution. Los Altos agrees with the recommendations by the Civil Jury but suggests that a county-wide organization such as the Cities Association of Santa Clara County take the lead in making final response.

September 24, 2019

City Council received information about the current projects in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), prioritized the projects, and provided direction to the City Manager for follow-through. The review was initiated by the City Council’s staff because of high-level fiscal impact for six CIP current priorities (2012-2019). Priorities must be established for the next ten years, especially infrastructure improvements. The staff will develop or refine cost estimates, budget impact, and schedules for priorities identified including the Community Center, traffic safety, and city assets improvement. Of these the Community Center renovation and Police Emergency Operations Center/Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning renovation have already had funds set aside. Among other city asset projects made priority are Los Altos Parks Plan, LAYC, City Hall, Garden House, and History House/Museum improvements.

In addition, City Council received a status report on the City Asset Strategic Priorities as of 2019 in order to provide direction to the City Manager for next steps. The council addressed the status of strategic priorities in April and July 2019. Most important, as of September 2019, the council committed to the library redevelopment which will mostly use funds from non-city sources. The police EOC/HVAC renovation is 50% completed with 12/31/20 to be completion date.