Los Altos City Council – August 2019

August 27, 2019

The City Council approved sending a letter to California representatives supporting their bills in Congress regarding the implementation of FCC rulemaking to accelerate deployment for wireless infrastructure by removing barriers to investment. The bills by Senator Dianne Feinstein (S2012) and Representative Anna Eshoo (HR530) are in response to the removal of opportunities in the FCC rules for local public agencies to regulate deployment of wireless infrastructure within the city.

After public comment and review of plans to amend the city’s zoning code for R3-4-5 Multiple Family District housing, the City Council directed revision to the code. The issue came to the council’s attention after the Planning Commission met twice to study an application to remodel property in the Marshall Meadows development in south Los Altos. These homes are mostly duplexes, and the zoning district doesn’t have site standards for renovation that maintain the character of the district and limit the impact on the surrounding neighborhood. The proposed ordinance amendments offered by the Planning Commission will establish standards for the Design Review Commission where none now exist for this multiple family district; establish a design review process for additions and exterior modifications; and update other provisions to bring consistency with other similar residential zoning districts.