Cathy Lazarus headshotFeb. 20, 2015 — This week we mailed friends of the League our annual fundraising appeal to support our programs and activities. The annual “Leagueathon” is our only fundraising appeal to you.

Once you get our 2015 letter you can donate by mail or on-line or we will call you to ask for your support. If you are a member, we really hate to have to tell you, but your membership dues primarily support the national and state Leagues of Women Voters, whereas our grassroots efforts reach a wider audience. Very little from dues supports local League chapters.

Your local League is supported by a dedicated cadre of volunteers who work very hard to keep our chapter active, engaged and respected in the community. Spring 2015 begins an off-year primary season, where League members move into gear to provide unbiased information about candidates and issues through SmartVoter and with forums where you can hear, compare and contrast the candidates in a neutral setting. An informed and educated electorate takes a lot of work, which our volunteers are willing to do, and it also takes funding.

As with most grass-roots organizations, you can support the League in several ways:

Recruit new members:  In the last few years our numbers have dipped below 200, primarily because long-time members are moving away from the area. We realize that living and working in Silicon Valley means a busy life and long hours. Even so, joining the League supports the dissemination of up-to-date information about civic affairs and major issues of national and state significance. Encourage your friends to “test” the League by joining us for a year.

Donate during the Leagueathon appeal : Contributions are now tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  We became a 501(c)3 corporation this year.

Volunteer: I guarantee you will find volunteering to register new voters, helping at a candidate forum or at a public interest symposium an easy and rewarding experience. You will walk away with a good feeling that you have done your part to support open government and honesty in our civic life.

Thank you for supporting the League in whatever way you can. It really does make a difference in our community!


Cathy Lazarus

Help us to keep democracy working
in our community, state and nation. 

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