Sponsored by the Santa Clara County Council Leagues of Women Voters and the Santa Clara County Council of the American Association of University Women, the workshop, held on September 21, 2019 at the Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, hosted 53 participants eager to use their civil discourse skills.

The background for this event focused on the situation that our country is having trouble making important decisions and solving problems in the United States. 

The workshop introduced a concept of the country starting out with diverse and competitive biases from their original countries and settled areas. 

 We progressed to discuss views about ways to bridge the divide based on

• Reducing dangerous, toxic talk

• Making and following fairer rules for politics

• Taking control and making decisions closer to home

Our conversation covered options, trade-offs, and agreements.

Participants completed a feedback form that included results covering:

  • 36 of 41 respondents felt the workshop was a valuable use of their time
  • Actions citizens could take to address this problem: increase participation in public and neighborhood meetings; get involved; hold local events to learn civil discourse; show support for transparency, participation & better outcomes; raise awareness; more civil discourse at city council meetings; grass roots community volunteering; be the change.
  • Future workshop topics: use of military funds; monetary reform in politics; global economy & outsourcing impact on Americans; local housing & transportation; climate change.

Interested in practicing how to converse with “the other side”? 

Join us Sunday, Oct. 20, 2-4pm in Cupertino to practice civil discourse and plan our 2020 program. Contact [email protected] to reserve a spot. 

Together we can revive civility. Our democracy depends on it.