Rental Housing Committee Meeting 11/6/2017

The focus of this meeting was the hot topic of the Rental Housing Fee question. Should it should be paid 100% by the Landlords, split 50/50 between Landlords and Tenants or strictly ‘passed through’ to the Tenants?  One of the new attorneys, Karen Tiedeman, who will be working with the Rental Housing Committee stated that the CSFRA is clear in its writing that the fee be charged to Landlords.  Other Jurisdictions that have allowed a ‘pass-through’, base it on authorizing legislation which specifically includes this rule which in this case is non-existent.

Many Landlords disagreed and spoke up not only about this but also once again stating that the fees are just too high when comparing them to other California cities with Rent Control.

Some of the members of the Rental Housing Committee agreed with the Landlords and, further, that the CSFRA is not clear in its writing. With fresh discussions breaking out and a  3-1 vote, the committee agreed to draft a letter to the Mountain View City Council to request the City pay $1 Million as part of the Rental Housing Committee’s budget. 

This discussion will be continued December 4, 2017.

 — Tamara Lewis, Observer