Program Planning Outcomes

League of Women Voters Los Altos-Mountain View met virtually on January 30, 2021 to discuss what local issues we want to work on and to emphasize during the upcoming year, 2021-2022, and what three issues we would recommend to LWVC to prioritize for 2021-2023.

League program is the education and advocacy platform that we adopt to move forward our mission of promoting an active and informed citizenry.  Program planning is the tool for focusing and prioritizing our work to ensure that League’s human and financial resources are engaged where they have the most impact. Each year members are urged to attend this event to learn more about the League and offer their thoughts and suggestions about our priorities for the upcoming year.

Locally, we decided to focus our efforts on Voter Services, Affordable Housing, and Civil Discourse Events Around Community Issues. These priorities were approved by the board at our February 1st board meeting and will be presented to the membership at our Annual Meeting for adoption as our 2021-2022 program.

In addition to LWVC’s primary priority, Making Democracy Work in California, League members recommended that LWVC focus on Housing and Homelessness, Climate Change and Criminal Justice. Our League’s recommendations will be forwarded to LWVC by March 1, 2021 and voted on by delegates at the June, 2021 convention.

LWVC requested a local volunteer to work on each area of emphasis that we recommended and to designate the type of work: legislative action, education or toolkits. Our results:

  • Climate Change: Donna Davies, focus on legislative action.
  • Affordable Housing and Homelessness: Sue Russell, focus on legislative action.
  • Criminal Justice: no representative.

Member Survey Outcomes

75 members responded to our survey about what local issues we should prioritize for the upcoming 2021-2022 year. This represented a 36% response rate of our 208 members.  The following graph represents the survey outcomes.  Please note, as Voter Service work is our core mission, we did not include it as an option.