Program PlanningLeague of Women Voters Los Altos Mountain View: Engaging Program Planning Meeting

Katie Zoglin

On January 23rd, more than 30 League members convened at the home of Alice Loughry for our annual Program Planning meeting. The Program Planning process is what keeps LWV a uniquely grassroots, or bottom-up vs. top-down, organization. Program planning is a valuable League tool for identifying issues for focus and for insuring that League resources, human and financial, from our grassroots volunteers to our professional staff, are engaged where they have the most impact.


During this year’s meeting we reviewed and discussed the LWVUS Priority Issues, as well as our own local “Hot Topics.” The national priority issues discussed:

  • Voter rights and protections – Natalie Elefant
  • Money in Politics and campaign finance – Katie Zoglin
  • Constitutional amendment process using the Article V Convention – Carol Kuiper
  • Education: Higher Education Study and Early Childhood Education – Ellen Wheeler


Cathy Lazarus led the local “Hot Topics” discussion. She provided an overview of the events and trends leading to our jobs, housing, transportation imbalance. With reduced federal and state funding, the county and cities are exploring local revenue sources. Lucas Ramirez provided an update on the proposed Santa Clara County sales tax increase to fund transportation projects. Gary Hedden introduced us to the Community Choice Energy initiative.

At the end of the Program Planning meeting, Katie Zoglin asked participants to indicate which local issues are considered highest priority, and who would volunteer to work on these issues.  The highest priority issues that members would like to take action on this year are:

  • Transportation/VTA
  • Civic education
  • Voter services

For the 2016 Program Planning Meeting backgrounder packet distributed before the meeting, click here.

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