When: Saturday, January 24th from 10am to 1pm

Where: Alice Loughry’s home, Los Altos

The Annual Program Planning meeting is that important time of year for all of our members to decide what issues to focus on in 2015 at the local, county, Bay Area and state levels. Members will also be asked to vote to approve the renumbering of the Articles of Incorporation.

Are there issues that you believe the League needs to address? This is the time and place to share your ideas. Remember program planning and policy formulation enables our League to participate in government and to actively influence public policy. We may also consider new issues raised by other levels of League.

Join us for study, animated discussions, and a light lunch provided by the board.


A PDF containing all of the below resources (except for the positions themselves) can be found here.

Several local League members and other Leagues in the state are proposing state studies. All known proposals are listed below. Please contact [email protected] if you know of another proposal or are the author of a proposal and would like to adjust the content.

We also have proposals for issues for state education and advocacy:

Other resources for the Program Planning session:

To get the most out of Program Planning participants are encouraged to read our current positions at our local, county, and state level. These can be found at the back of the yellow Member Directory (which was just mailed out) or online:

Local: http://www.lwvlamv.org/?p=1117

County: http://sclaraco.ca.lwvnet.org/positions.html

State: http://lwvc.org/issues/lwvc-positions