Cathy Lazarus headshotYour continued membership is more important than ever before.  We are gearing up for the November elections and will be working hard to register new voters, convene candidate forums and get out the vote as we near Election Day. Our mission is critical as recent polls suggest only slightly more than 30 percent of registered voters in Santa Clara County intend to vote in November.

Thank you for your continued membership in the Los Altos-Mountain View League of Women Voters.  For the upcoming year the membership is $75/year for individuals and $110/year for households.

Also, for the first time, we are seeing a decline in our membership, which has fallen below 200 members. Although national League membership has been declining for many years, this is the first time we have seen a dip in the Los Altos-Mountain View numbers. Your continued membership is essential to sustaining our local League, and if you can recruit some new members, so much the better!

To save time, paper and postage, you can submit your renewal form online and then pay by check, PayPal or credit card. Checks should be made out to the League of Women Voters Los Altos-Mountain View. Optionally, you can fill out and mail a paper renewal form.

Dues and contributions to the League of Women Voters Los Altos-Mountain View are not tax deductible; contributions to the LWV Education Fund are tax deductible.


Cathy Lazarus, President LWV-LAMV