In anticipation of National Voter Registration Day, September 28, the League of Women Voters Los Altos-Mountain View’s Participate in Democracy video was shown to more than 1300 US History, US History AP, Government, and Government AP students at Mountain View and Los Altos High Schools. The video emphasizes the importance of voting and encourages students to register (or pre-register) to vote. We are indebted to the teachers and administrators of the MVLA High School District for their help in bringing this project to the students.

Check out our video: Participate in Democracy  

After watching the video, the students who are 16 years old and citizens used the Secretary of State’s registration website to pre-register online. California legislation came into effect in 2014 which allows any citizen, by birth or naturalized, to pre-register at sixteen and automatically receive a ballot at the first election after they turn eighteen.

In addition to playing the video presentation, fifteen LAHS and MVHS teachers distributed to the students: Voters Edge bookmarks with voter information and “Future Voter” wristbands to celebrate their ability to make their voice heard in American elections.

The You Tube video was moderated by LWV member Abby Longcor. Google slides for the presentation were completed by Lisa McLain and Abby Longcor. Max Beckman-Harned provided technical support to make the video live. Claudia Hevel and Claire Noonan with support from the LWV Voters Services Committee connected with the high school teachers to make the project succeed.