Helen Hutchinson, Adele Fasick, Jennifer Waggoner with League of Women Voters book - Guide to California Government
Left to Right: Helen Hutchinson ( President LWVC), Adele Fasick (LWVSF member & author), Jennifer Waggoner (former President LWVC) with League of Women Voters book – Guide to California Government. Location: San Francisco New Member Tea, Aug. 17, 2014.


Because of our booming tech sector, the greater Silicon Valley area attracts tens of thousands of newcomers.  Many newbies are surprised that government really is organized somewhat differently here. The League’s new edition of “Guide to California Government” makes a great gift for a new neighbor from out-of-state or out-of-the-county. It can help them to learns the whys and wherefores of state, county and local and school government in our state. For example, many East Coasters are accustomed to the schools being governed by the town or city. It’s not so in California. The book’s author is Adele Fasick wearing the black and white sweater in the photo above.



Who is Creating the Easy Voter Guides?

On Sunday, August 17, 2014, Adele Fasick, the author of the new edition of the Guide to California Government and LWV San Francisco member,  spoke  about her continuing work on the Easy Voter Guide for the City of San Francisco.  Her seven member committee simplifies and rewrites the language of city ballot measures at an eighth-grade level, publishing it in a booklet and also for the web as EasyVoter.com. The material is also translated into over a dozen languages.

The City of Oakland also has an Easy Voter Guide effort. Alec MacDonald of League Bay Area and Helen Hutchinson, President of LWVC (both are LWV Oakland members) contribute to the Oakland Easy Voter Guide.  MacDonald said that this year 30,000 copies will be printed. The distribution plan includes insertion of the 24-page booklet into an alternative press newspaper in early October.

In our county of Santa Clara, most of our local Leagues serve municipalities that are not  nearly as populated as San Francisco or Oakland. Thus, the economics of content creation and printing do not permit an Easy Voter Guide effort here in Santa Clara County…yet.

easy voter web site page

How to Get the State Easy Voter Guide

Individuals can get the State of California Easy Voter Guide information online here.  Leagues desiring to purchase bundles of 50 of the State Guide booklets in various languages can buy them here.