MVWSD Board Meetings, January 4th and 18th,  2018

The Mountain View Whisman Board of Trustees met on January 4th and 18th, 2018. Trustee Gutiérrez, Jr., was not present at the January 4th meeting.

SchoolMint – New Online Student Enrollment System

For the first time ever, registration for the upcoming school year can now be completed online thanks to a partnership with SchoolMint. The open enrollment period for the 2018-2019 school year is January 5th – February 2nd.

California Dashboard

The California School Dashboard is a new accountability system that replaces API (Academic Performance Index) and AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress). Rather than looking only at academic achievement, the Dashboard includes additional indicators such as suspension rates, chronic absenteeism rates, and English Learner progress. School and District dashboards are available to the public online.

The Dashboard has 8 priority areas that are measured through both local and state indicators. The Dashboard itself is portrayed using a circle cut into five pieces and with a color scale from blue (highest performance) to red (lowest performance). The academic achievement indicator was revised this year with different cut points for whether students met or exceeded standards due to wide swings in scores.  These cut points are expected to move again in the future as the state gathers more stable data over three years or so.

While the academic achievement indicator for students in the district overall was green, students in many subgroups, including English Learners and socioeconomically disadvantaged students, lagged behind.


Middle School Schedule Change

Trustees voted to adopt a new middle school schedule beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. The new eight period cascading schedule will allow all students to take at least one elective and some to take as many as three. Under the previous schedule, students who received English Language Development instruction and special education instructional support did not have a chance to take an elective.

Report on Workforce Housing Study

The District partnered with DCG Strategies to complete a workforce housing study in the hopes of finding a location and a strategy for building housing for teachers and staff. After a site review, DCG presented two possible sites for building teacher/staff housing on land owned by MVWSD. Funding for workforce housing construction could come from bonds, certificates of participation (COPs), a land lease, or selling off District owned land.

Adjacent to Cooper Park on Eunice Avenue, the District could build 82 workforce housing units in four buildings and fund the construction by selling 36 single family lots at the same site to an outside developer. The second option presented was to build workforce housing at the Whisman School site with funding through a land lease to a developer. The District could also fund construction at Whisman by selling off fifty single family home lots at Eunice.

Some trustees were reluctant to sell off MVWSD land, and all of the trustees agreed not to pursue construction at the Whisman School site due to population growth already projected for that part of town. Most board members were in favor of pursuing a project at Eunice after more study, and the board also asked DCG to look at the possibility of building a mixed use structure at Sylvan Park with a small school on the ground level and housing above.

— Devon Conley, Observer