Five Reports/Discussions/Action items were on the agenda of the May 8, 2017 MVLA Board of Trustees meeting that are of particular interest to Leaguers.

  1. Assistant Superintendent Mike Mathiesen gave the board an update on the Facilities Master Plan they’ve been working and reporting on since March of this year. The draft Ed Specs were received by the District Administration on April 27, but were not ready for public viewing or comment for tonight’s meeting.  They’ve scheduled two public Master Plan meetings to show and explain their work – one at Los Altos High School on May 17 and one at Mountain View High School on May 24, and the plans will be available for viewing before those meetings. These draft plans were created by Quattrochi Kwok Architects (QKA). The plans will include recommendations to expand both high schools to accommodate expected growth in student population. Mr. Mathieson noted that the last tine MVLA drafted a Facilities Master Plan was over 20 years ago.
  2. The board heard a presentation and recommendation by Superintendent Jeff Harding of SB 751 (Hill/Glazer). SB 751 would modify the state education budget reserve cap “to restore governing board flexibility over the use of reserves to adequately prepare for economic difficulties and save for investments in educational programs.” Currently there exist conditions where school districts like MVLA would be limited to having a 6% reserve. SB 751 would allow school districts to carry a 17% reserve. The board voted unanimously to endorse this bill.
  3. The board heard a recommendation to approve the tentative collective bargaining agreement with their teachers union. This agreement reached back to last year (2016-17) to approve a 5.75% raise for district teachers. The agreement shown to the board shows a budget that can healthily maintain this raise for three years. This budget also includes the rise in STRS/PERS contribution rates from 12.58/13.88% in 2016-17 to 14.43/15.8% in  2017-18 and 16.28/18.70% in 2018-19. (Trustees know that these rates will continue to rise.) The board voted unanimously to approve this raise.
  4. The board then approved the identical raise for their classified staff.
  5. The board then approved the identical raise for their “unrepresented employees” (confidential, supervisory, and management).

— Ellen Wheeler, Substitute Observer