At a marathon meeting on 6/11, the board discussed the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), the budget, collective bargaining agreements, and several items related to Measure E, the bond measure on the June 5th ballot.  Public hearings were held on the LCAP, the budget, and both collective bargaining agreements, but there were no public comments on any of them.  The LCAP and the budget were approved at the 6/18 meeting.

Margarita Navarro, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services, presented the LCAP for 2018-19, which lists goals and actions for the next 3 years.  The process included reviewing the 2016-17 end of year data, looking at special populations: English Learners (EL), Socio-economically Disadvantaged (SED), and Special Education (SPED).  The LCAP template requires listing things that the district wants to maintain, things to increase, and things to decrease. On the “maintain” list are high quality professional development,  overall performance on standardized tests, and the performance of AVID students.  On the “increase” list are A-G eligibility through greater Algebra II success, some groups’ performance on the SBAC, and Tier 1 Intervention Services that promote social/emotional wellbeing.  On the “decrease” list are the number of D/Fs in 9th grade, the achievement gap between White/Asian/High Socio-economic status students and Latino/SPED/SED students, school avoidance rates, and the suspension rates among high need populations (EL, SED, SPED, and Latino).  

Mike Mathiesen, Associate Superintendent of Business Services and Technology, presented the budget for 2018-19, which is driven by the goals in the LCAP.  Total Revenue is $93.3M (5.2% more than last year), Expenditures are $89.2M, and transfers out are $590,000 (including cafeteria and post employment benefits other than state pension funds).  A full 83% of expenditures is personnel, before the salary increases which are under negotiation and expected to be $2.64M.

The measure E Bond Planning update was presented by Quattrocchi Kwok Architects and Kramer Project Development, including a proposed budget, construction schedule, and expenditure plan showing 4 bond sales in Q3 of 2018, Q2 of 2020, Q1 of 2022, and Q1 of 2024 (if needed).  The plan spans 7 years and $265M of construction, plus a possible $30M for 20 more classrooms if needed.  Construction is expected to start in winter of 2019, and the new classroom buildings are expected to be finished in the summer of 2020.  The board took actions necessary to initiate the bond sales and collect the taxes to pay for them.

— Sally Ahnger, Observer