Los Altos City Council – April 2017

April 25, 2017

Daniel Varela, Assistant Civil Engineer, presented the construction contract award proposal for the Covington Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project. Bids were initiated with direction from the comprehensive December 2010 Blach Neighborhood Traffic Study for safety and mobility needs. The low bid of $387,632, submitted by and awarded to Watt’s Construction, will cover upgrades on Covington from Miramonte to Eastwood Drive, including bike lanes on both sides, a sidewalk gap closure on the south side, and ten-foot wide driving lanes. An extra appropriation of $150,000 from the Capital Improvement Project covers the additional cost from the original budget appropriation.

Christopher Lamm, Engineering Services Manager, presented the community center feasibility assessment with an original budget of $20 million. There are three options possible.


Because the Hillview buildings are very old renovation costs per square foot ($720) would exceed the cost of new construction.

A phased build out

This plan would include a two-story building to allow for outdoor open space for programs and an 11,000 square foot gymnasium.  A 500seat theater would be added later. The cost would be $58 million.

New community center

The staff recommended this option and the city council approved it. New construction would cost $605 per square foot and create a Capital Improvement Project budget of $25 million. As for financing, in November 2016 the staff identified $27 million unrestricted funds, and a transfer over ten years of $30-35 million can be made from General Funds to the Capital Improvement Program. The city council directed the staff to select a qualified architect.

To ensure community engagement, the city council adopted the establishment of a Hillview Community Center Plan Task Force ​consisting of 11 members appointed by the Council​.

—Claire Noonan, Observer