January 10, 2017

The City Council welcomed new board member, Lynette Lee Eng.

During Public Comments, members of the public urged Los Altos City to take steps to make Los Altos a sanctuary city, like hundreds of others in the country. In a letter to the City Council, 111 residents urged that undocumented immigrants should not be persecuted, threatened, or prosecuted in Los Altos by the federal administration. The request could be placed on a future council agenda.

Council agreed by a 3 to 2 vote, to consider a proposed project and to provide feedback to Los Altos Community Investments about the possibility of a public park on top of underground parking for a First Street office building.

January 24, 2017

The City Council received a report on Downtown Parking Management strategies by Jennifer Quinn, Economic Development Manager. She brought the City Council up to date on the use of iParq, parking coupons booklets sold at the Police Department so a patron can park in a space downtown all day. Problems for continued use of the program are that contractors use the permits and neither businesses nor consumers are well-acquainted with the program. Jean Mordo, Mayor Pro Tem, suggested that the queries be resolved and that the Economic Development Manager come back to another meeting with solutions.

Jon Biggs, Community Development Manager, led further discussion from the Planning and Transportation Commission, that hired Walker Planning Consultant to analyze the former City-wide Parking Committee recommendations. The main issues are loss of parking due to new projects, ratios of parking to business, and size of parking spaces. Mark Rogge and David Rock from the City-wide Parking Committee, led a presentation on the consultant’s downtown parking analysis. Their recommendations suggest to define rights and obligations of all participants in need for city-wide parking, form a standing Parking Committee, revise the city code for parking ratios, and revise the code to provide parking stalls of 8.5 feet to add 100-150 parking spaces. Since the City has discussed the issue since 2005, the City-wide Parking Committee urged City Council to stop agonizing over the problem and make decisions for solutions.

—Claire Noonan, Observer