February 12, 2019

Speakers from the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) presented their current plan for realigning transit lines. The staff will draft a letter to the VTA with suggestion to reroute bus line 51 in order to provide ‘school tripper’ service to south Los Altos students in the Cupertino School District and Fremont Union High School District. The draft will be received at the February 26, 2019 council meeting.

Council member Anita Enander and Mayor Lynnette Lee Eng brought up writing a letter to Joe Simitian, President of the of Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, to consider the community impact from Stanford University’s request to the county for an upgrade to its General Use Permit. The university wants to build more housing for staff and students, 3150 units in all, in the county. Member Enander thinks that Stanford is not considering the effects of more university housing on the communities surrounding the campus, referring specifically to the Colonnade Los Altos that the university recently purchased for staff and student housing. She thinks the university should build more housing on its own property for their staff and students. Council members Jan Pepper and Jeannie Bruins state that Stanford is being a responsible community member by pursuing the housing issue, unlike other big companies in the area. Council member Neysa Fligor doesn’t think the council can provide a letter with substantive input on solutions at this time. Enander will call Simitian’s office for more information.

February 26, 2019

Mayor, Lynette Lee Eng, was authorized to send the letter drafted by staff to Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority to request changes to bus route 51. During designated times of the day, before and after school hours, the route would change to pass Homestead High School and Cupertino Middle School, to benefit students in south Los Altos who attend Cupertino Unified and Fremont Union HSD schools.

The North County Library Authority’s Redevelopment Task Force presented an update to the November 2017 report. They presented the next step to decide on an upgrade for the Los Altos libraries. NCLA has gathered evidence of the needs and demographics at the library to suggest further redevelopment. The Task Force wishes to begin an outreach program to educate the community on potential future uses of a redeveloped library building. The services of a professional firm will assist in the outreach.

The City Council was asked to provide support for the Task Force’s continued action, but not to provide actual commitment to approve or place a revenue measure on the ballot to pursue another upgrade. In the future if authorized, the upgraded library would be at the same location and built at no cost to the city. Three agencies support the Task Force: Friends of the Library, North County Library Authority, and Los Altos Library Endowment.

Five community members commented and agreed. One expressed concern about costs of the Task Force and possible costs to the city and disagreed on pursuing the upgrade. Council members asked about library program attendance. They were told it exceeds the room occupancy available at the current library. A suggestion was to use rooms at the new community center when completed. As for earthquake standards and ADA, it was stated by staff that the current building is up to code requirements.

The City Council agreed unanimously to continue with next steps in the NCLA Task Force plan.