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League of Women Voters at all levels, local, state and national, provides unbiased information on critical issues to voters via our websites, SmartVoter and public forums. Locally in Los Altos and Mountain View, we produced a dozen public candidate forums in October and November 2012 and shared them on Youtube.

The LWVUS worked to protect and engage voters, to reform the excessive influence of money in politics, to defend the environment and to fix fiscal policy. Locally our volunteers help staff precincts in high-need neighborhoods.

On the state level, the LWV supported the Disclose Act (California Clean Money Campaign). Locally the LWV gave over a dozen live presentations on the pros and cons of the state ballot measures.

In 2011 we started Lunch with the League, a forum that brings local speakers, such as mayors, school superintendents and policy experts, to talk about issues of community interest. We need your help to continue these popular forums.

Our ongoing Local Voter Education events need your support

Recent events include–

* Meet Your Local Officials, Sunday, March 3 at Los Altos Youth Center. Over 20 officials and 80 members of the public attended our successful event. Read our League’s “interview with Rich Gordon.”<+RichGordonInterview.html> And see photos and a “transcript of Gordon’s and Hill’s remarks at the political mixer.”<+>

* Excess and Hubris: How Money Is Killing Democracy, on March 14 at Michael’s at Shoreline was sold out with 100 attending. “Photos of the interactive dinner forum”<+Ann_Ravel_Mar14.html>.

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We believe that sensible, responsible civil discourse and action based on substance rather than partisanship is essential for civic improvement. We believe that with supporters like you, we can make democracy work.

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