News from the Mountain View Rental Housing Committee


On November 8, 2016, the residents of the City of Mountain View voted to adopt Measure V, also known as the Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act (CSFRA), to stabilize rents and to provide just cause eviction protections for certain rental units in Mountain View.

Effective December23, 2016 rent levels and rent increases for covered rental units built before February 1, 1995 must comply with the CSFRA.  As of this writing, single family homes, condominiums, duplexes, and mobile homes are not covered by the CSFRA.

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Rental Housing Committee Meeting 10/23/2017

Unfinished Business

Rental Housing Committee Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget and Rental Housing Fee

With the adoption of Measure V, a new program with dedicated resources was created in the City of Mountain View which requires independent funding for its operation.  The Rental Housing Committee (RHC) must establish a budget for implementing the provisions of the CSFRA and the staffing to accomplish this.

On October 9, 2017 the RHC confirmed a budget which was a ‘best estimate’ proposed by the City staff in the amount of $2,590,915 which included these items: staffing, general operating costs, 3rd party professional services, an IT system and a one-time reimbursement of the City’s advanced funding.

To fund this budget, the landlords of roughly 16,788 Mountain View rental units will initially be charge $155 per unit per year.

The City recommended that this Budget and Rental Housing Fee be approved.  With much discussion between all members of the RHC, Legal Staff and City Staff, eventually the RHC approved this budget.

Public Hearing

The public was not at all happy with this decision and once this budget and rental fee was adopted by the RHC the line was quickly forming to speak their 3 minutes directly to the committee with their opinions:

Budget much too large, salaries for staff are excessive, RHF is too high and who should actually pay this fee varied from 100% Renters to a 50-50% shared split Renters-Landlords etc., etc.

Upon hearing these very passionate opinions the committee did recommend that they continue this discussion at the next meeting.

New Business

Rental Housing Committee Meeting Schedule

Schedule as presented was adopted.

— Tamara Lewis, Observer