August 7:  The Trustees may poll public support for a possible FHDA new general obligation bond.  They did approve Resolution #2017-19 prohibiting funded travel to states that have discriminatory legislation, but allowing the Chancellor to override the ban in specific cases.

July 3:  The annual Board of Trustees self-evaluation raised concerns about community relations and declining enrollment.  All 5 elected trustees anonymously did the self-evaluation.

   The Trustees rejected all bids to restore the soccer field at De Anza College.

   DA Student Trustee Elias Kamal said a discussion of the Muslim Ramadan was attended by 50 staff, students, and family members.  Board President Laura Casas praised trustee Bruce Swenson for 50 years of service to FHDA and 50 years of marriage.

June 12:  Chancellor Judy Minor welcomed FH student trustee Chinwe Idika to the Board and welcomed DA student trustee Elias Kamal to his second term.  President Casa and trustee Landsberger praised the recent town hall meeting at Foothill College with Anna Eshoo.

   Trustee Landsberger said the FHDA Foundation nominated Dudley Anderson as a new director.  Landsberger also said the Foundation heard from the faculty of the Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies on May 24.  Its building is certified Energy and Environmental Platinum.

   Executive Director Puentes summarized the Third Quarter Report.  She noted a 1,170 decline in FTES, reducing revenue by $6 million next year and reducing the stability fund to $25 million.

Puentes described the 2017-18 Tentative Budget which must be in place by July 1.  It includes increases of $4.2 million in base apportionment and $2.2 million in cost of living.  The structural deficit is $12.3 million, the end balance is $38.8 million, the final stability fund is $13.8 million.  She said FHDA has 3 years to restore enrollment before the base is permanently reset.

May 1:  The trustees heard and approved the student budgets for Foothill and De Anza.

   Adam Colling and James Funk of Bloom Energy conversed with the Board at length about using fuel cells to produce electric power from natural gas without burning the gas (technology from NASA’s Mars Rover).  They claimed a 10-15% cost reduction and said their customers included Caltech, San Diego Univ., Apple, Google, AT&T, city of Santa Clara, and Home Depot.

April 3:  Chancellor Judy Minor liked Senator Jerry Hill’s bill SB769, expanding the community college 4-year degree program.  Foothill now offers a 4-year degree in dental hygiene.

— Terry Terman, Observer