Civil Discourse Committee October, 2017 Report

Civil Discourse is now a Santa Clara County Committee – and Has a New Civil Discourse Tool

Our Cupertino-Sunnyvale Committee has been approved by the Santa Clara County Council as a County Committee – giving us more exposure for public announcements for our events. With a broader platform to share our work within the County, we can more easily announce our events within the Bay Area – and reach a wider audience. Being part of the County LWV means we can use County communication tools to share our message, meetings and trainings.

The group met on October 22
nd to learn the Focused Conversation Method (a Technology of Participation tool for participative gatherings) with members of Los Altos Mountain View and Cupertino-Sunnyvale Leagues and a Cupertino Rotary member. Based on theories developed to encourage community conversations and participation, we learned about the method and practiced it with several conversations. Our practice topics included:

  • The Longterm Success of an NGO
  • How to deal with the Trump takedowns
  • Walking the dog when Mom is away
  • The impact of mobile residents on a community
  • How to get Puerto Rico the help it needs

We now have a new way to talk with each other and with groups that encourages participative communication – and a model conversation to use at family Thanksgiving get-togethers for a non-controversial dialog!

We will be facilitating a “Bridging the Divide” workshop for the San Mateo County Leagues on October 24 (like the one Martha Cox did for Santa Clara County Leagues) and look forward to continuing outreach for the Bay Area.

Our next meeting will be Sunday, December 10, 2017, when we will work on our 2018 action plan. We invite you to join us at 10277 Vista Knoll Blvd, Cupertino. Please contact [email protected] to RSVP.