Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, California Congressional District 18, opened the afternoon conference on March 18, 2017, organized by three local women’s organizations, to address what Silicon Valley women can do to promote the positions we share for government action.

Ms. Eshoo began by observing that trusted organizations across the country have come together because they are patriots and wish to overcome the backward steps being taken in Washington, D.C. Right now in Congress there is one female representative to every three male representatives resulting in legislative action that often favors men and disadvantages women. Ms. Eshoo reaffirmed the need for persistent tenacity, regardless of the vote outcomes on legislation in Congress.

Ms. Eshoo asked participants to focus on three actions. Make your voice heard – rally, march, phone, and email. Focus on a mission and follow through by advocacy and by getting yourself or helping another woman get elected. Be a community leader – informed, respectful, listening, relentless.

Finally, Ms. Eshoo reminded us that there is a list of cuts in funding and regulations being made by the current administration “longer than El Camino Real”. It is up to us to find out the facts, take a position, and support it.

The participants divided into groups to develop one action on each of five topics. Jack Hamilton, a partner in Learn2Resolve, led the group on Unconscious Bias, affecting one’s ability to come to a resolution. Marcia Bianco, PhD, led the Gender Discrimination group. Beth Edmonds, Ambassador of Hope, led a group on Human Trafficking. Ruth Patrick, Director of WomenSV, led the talk about Domestic Violence found in high and low-income communities. Holly Pederson, PhD, hosted a discussion on Bullying.

The coordinators of the conference will compile the information and identify the one action for each topic as an outcome for the conference.

The meeting was organized by the Los Altos Women’s Caucus and co-sponsored by Los Altos-Mountain View American Association of University Women and Los Altos-Mountain View League of Women Voters.

—Claire Noonan

Los Altos-Mountain View American Association of University Women

Los Altos-Mountain-View League of Women Voters