It’s nice to be back! Thank you to League of Women Voters, Los Altos-Mountain View for reconstituting our Voter so our Observers have a venue for reporting out the work of our public entities. Below is my summary of agenda items from Bullis Charter School that are relevant to League positions and philosophy.

1. SARC Report: By February of each year, every school in California is required by state law to publish its School Accountability Report Card (SARC). SARCs now utilize the structure laid out by the state’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). SARCs continue to list student and school data for their own schools compared to the county and to the state. (One question by BCS was “what is the district referred to in this report?” “District” in SARC terms is Santa Clara County, not Los Altos School District.) Bullis continues to do well compared to Santa Clara County and California via all measurements on the SARC. (See bullischarterschool.com for more information or phone 650-947-4100. I also have a paper copy of their SARC since it was available for attendees at this meeting.)

2. Santa Clara County Office of Education Oversight Checklist Summary Report: The board was presented with the January 26, 2017, letter from SCCOE Superintendent Jon Gundry which summarized their evaluation of annual checklist items: Governance/School Operations and Management; Enrollment/Demographics/Parent Participation/Instruction; Student Performance; Financial Reporting; and Human Resources. Each segment seemed fine. Superintendent Gundry stated the following: “Bullis staff is to be commended for their active review of student performance and the fostering of a culture that allows parents to proactively support their students.” (This letter with its checklist was available for attendees at this meeting and I have a copy of it.)

3. Brown Act and Governance Best Practices Training: One difference between charter schools and traditional school districts is that charter boards are required to receive annual training in the Brown Act (the state open meeting law) whereas such training is often not presented to or taken by traditional school boards. The BCS board heard a detailed PowerPoint presentation by John Lemmo of Procopio LLC about Brown Act requirements and the rationale for the Brown Act. Most of the Brown Act laws are the same for all public entities in California such as notice for meetings, quorum, the public nature of decision making, etc. This presentation lasted about one hour and the board seemed alert and interested, asking many questions along the way.

4. Open Enrollment Update: With the end of open enrollment for BCS and LASD one week away, the board heard preliminary numbers showing that enrollment requests are up over last year.

Board member Joe Hurd attended this entire meeting remotely (by phone). Also in attendance were Board Chair John Phelps, Andrea Eyring, David Jacques, Francis La Poll, Ann Waterman Roy, and Rich Ying, as well as principal/superintendent Wanny Hersey. Absent were Jennifer Carolan and Tom Dennedy.

—Ellen Wheeler, Observer