SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

   Of particular interest to our Leaguers were the following three items on this Regular Board Meeting agenda:

  1. Report on Strategic Plan Action Team goal VI: We will positively impact more students through the strategic sharing and replication of our education model via Action Plan #1: “Open a nearby school in Santa Clara County that serves a high number of Free and Reduced Lunch Program-eligible students.” BCS has been researching other schools and districts who might be interested in having a second Bullis Charter School in their area. The search committee has widened their parameters to San Mateo County. The goal is to start an application process by March of 2019 and open the new school in fall of 2019. They are particularly looking at school districts from which they draw a lot of applicants already. It was noted that there are 1,000 students on the wait list for BCS. As part of this presentation the board members revisited a chart titled “Charter Governance Options” showing three different models. Discussion ensued about which model is better suited for BCS at this point in time in light of their desire to expand to a second school. This agenda item will come back to the board for further reports.
  2. Facilities and Settlement Agreement with LASD update: Leaguers will remember that as part of the “Five Year Plan” between BCS and Los Altos School District there was an agreement for representatives from each entity to commence quarterly meetings to share information and requests. At tonight’s board meeting we heard the report of this latest quarterly meeting. A “big picture” takeaway is that people from both entities share that they are glad they are having these meetings and working together, and agreed that they are a good use of their time. A more nuts and bolts report followed describing the types of items that BCS requests of LASD at this point in time of their working relationship. For example, BCS kindergarten teachers want grass in their play area. LASD shared that they are going ahead with their solar projects over the parking lots of their schools, so folks should be aware of temporary loss of parking spaces. At this quarterly meeting the participants set the dates of their meetings for this school year.
  3. Speaking of the “Five Year Plan,” available at this meeting were the original agreement documents dated June and July of 2014. At this meeting the board selected their team members to work on the next steps of this agreement. Long-time BCS board members Francis La Poll and Andrea Eyring will be joined by newer board member Rich Ying on this committee. Doing the math, the Five Year Plan is in effect until 2019, so BCS and LASD are more than half way through it, hence the need for next steps planning. This agenda item will come back to the board for further reports.

— Ellen Wheeler, Observer