Building a Sustainable Mountain View

The City of Mountain View formed a Task Force this year to analyze and document the likelihood that the City will meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals. Due to growth in both residential and daytime population, and even with the benefit of Silicon Valley Clean Energy, now providing clean electricity, the City is expected to be 12% above its 2020 target.

This Task Force, the Environmental Sustainability Task Force 2 (ESTF-2) is a Council Advisory Body of appointed community members who live or work in Mountain View, and it expects to provide a ranked list of priority actions and the metrics to measure them in an effort to get the City on track with its climate protection goals. It has 30+ members, generally meets on the first Thursday of the month, and will disband in June after making its recommendations to Council.

A similar Task Force was created in 2008 and delivered a large number of recommendations to the Council. About 8-10 members formed a new group called Green Mountain View, later rebranded as the Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning. This group weighs in on proposed new developments and tracks the progress of ESTF-2. Their website is, and they generally meet on the second Thursday of the month. The location varies – see the Calendar for meeting details. If you are interested in being added to the mailing list or attending a meeting, send an email to [email protected].