We are in the final stretch of our petition signature gathering to qualify the Schools and Communities First ballot initiative for the CA ballot. To recap, the Schools and Communities First Initiative is a measure that would restore approximately 11 billion dollars per year to all CA schools and local community services by closing a Proposition 13 loophole that has resulted in certain commercial properties being undervalued. This undervaluation gives some large businesses and corporations a huge property tax break that they don’t need (the Prop 13 property tax rate would not change and is lower than most other states) and gives these certain companies an unfair advantage over others that pay much more. A more even playing field is long overdue. For more information, Google “Schools and Communities First”.

The state coalition (LWVC is on the Executive Committee) now has 270 endorsers,  many contributors including the Zuckerbergs, and 630,522 petition signatures. The goal for signatures is 850,000.

Many thanks to our League members who have participated so far in gathering over 400 signatures. If you aren’t already circulating petitions, please consider joining in to help to get this important issue on the 2020 ballot. I have gathered signatures by just carrying petitions with me most places I normally go in addition to taking them with me to a march, and several events including the Los Altos Farmer’s Market. Sue Graham got signatures from her neighbors, Claire Noonan has been getting signatures at her education meetings and events, Natalie Elefant has had great success, Donna Poulos recruited 2 non-League friends and together they have been the top signature gatherers. Please contact Merrian Nevin, [email protected] or 650-224-9714 for more information or to volunteer or participate in a group effort.

Please turn in all signatures that you have gathered, even partially completed petitions by June 15, as I am traveling from June 18 to mid July and want to turn in all that we have before I leave. However, continue gathering signatures as the campaign has been extended into August. I will resume gathering petitions when I return.