Mary Hughes poses with 4 local women candidates
Left to Right: Members Martha McClatchie, Pat Showalter, Ellen Wheeler and Margaret Capriles pose with our speaker Mary Hughes (white blouse)

Photo credits: Norma Schroder. The annual meeting was attended by about 40 members. Key votes were to approve the slate of directors for 2014-2015, raise dues to $75 for an individual and $110 for a household of two members, and to approve the 2014-15 budget

Mary Hughes at LWVLAMV Business Meeting, view 3
Mary Hughes, principal of close the gap, CA speaks on the benefits of having more women in leadership positions, especially in elected government positions.

According to our luncheon speaker, Mary Hughes, only 20% of legislative leadership positions are held by women. Participation seems to be stuck at the level. Shouldn’t it be more like 50%? Mary believes such a body politic would be more collaborative, more productive, more civil and less polarized than the one we have now. See our article on her talk.

Lazrus with President's Message Slide projected on screen

LWV-LAMV President Cathy Lazarus spoke on the themes from the National League Convention in Dallas that most resonated with her.  Stagnant and declining membership needs to be turned around by new member recruitment methods that can attract the under 45 and non-white population.  The more important political issues for voter engagement include money in politics, voter suppression and climate change.  Read our article on Cathy’s  full remarks here.


Higher Ed Study subcommittee member receive their award of CA League recognition
Higher Ed Study subcommittee: Lucas Ramirez, Ellen Wheeler (LWV-LAMV Director Eduction), Abby Longcor, Pat Showalter (LWV-LAMV Director Natural Resources) accept Extraordinary Service Recognition

There was a surprise agenda item. Ellen Wheeler, representing the LWV California Board,  awarded Extraordinary Service recognition for outstanding work to the Higher Ed Study subcommittee. Lucas Ramirez, Abby Longcor, Pat Showalter (and Ellen Wheeler) all worked for 6 months to craft the scope for that new State Study. Without their perseverance there would be no new study.

Lucas Ramirez holding his LWV-CA "Extraordinary Service Award"recognition certificate for his work on the State Higher Education Study
Lucas Ramirez holding his “Extraordinary Service Award” recognition certificate for his work on the State Higher Education Study

Want to read about the startling genesis of the Higher Ed Study? It was conceived and incubated right here in our own LWV-LAMV League by  Lucas Ramirez and Max Beckman-Harned.

Pat Showalter at podium
Pat Showalter introduced our speaker Mary Hughes.



Pat Showalter introduced our speaker Mary Hughes.  Thanks to Pat Showalter and Carol Kuiper for recruiting Mary Hughes to be our lunch speaker.

Time to Eat

Annual Meeting attendees at their table



Here is one of the luncheon tables at Michaels at Shoreline restaurant in Mountain View. Left to right, Shirley Reseck, Pat Showalter, Paul Gilbert, Natalie Elefant, Abby Longcor, Martha McClatchie.


A second table of members at the luncheon





Another table of  guests at the annual business meeting luncheon. From left to right, Barbara Kyser, Marilyn Terman, Terry Terman, Judy Crates, Susan Graham, Linda Craig.

Time to Socialize

Two members speak with Mike Kaperzak, Mountain View City Councilman


Donna Yobs, co-chair of the LWV-LAMV Housing committee chats with Mike Kasperzak about Donna’s favorite political issue – affordable housing. Katie Zoglin, LWV-LMV Director for Government listens on the left. Kasperzak suggested that the committee engage the Mountain View council in informal meetings, rather than just with formal “yellow card” statements/letters of League position addressed to the council.

Margaret Capriles, Mike Kasperzak in coversation


Left to right, Donna Yobs, co-chair of the he LWV-LAMV Housing Committee listens as Margaret Capriles questions Mike Kaspernak. Steve Sherman, a LWV-LAMV Observer, volunteer listens.

Photo credits: Norma Schroder