Important Dates

  • May 23, 2016 – last day to register to vote for June election.
  • May 31, 2016 – last day to request Vote By Mail ballots by mail.
  • June 7, 2016 – election day, polls open 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Contents of Ballot

Primary races:

  • Party Races
    • President of the United States
    • Members of the County Central Committee
  • All candidates (Top Two)

Ballot measures will include:

  • Proposition 50 (State)
  • Measure AA (San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority)
  • Measure A (County of Santa Clara)

Go to for up-to-date candidate and ballot measure information.

Voting in the Primary Election

Go to to learn about who can vote for president and other important information about the ballot format from the League of Women Voters of California.

If you checked “I do not want to disclose a political party preference” on the voter registration form, you will not get a ballot containing the names of candidates running for president. Your ballot will contain all other races and ballot measures.

You can request the ballot of one of the following parties when you are at the polling place (or in your request for a vote-by-mail ballot from your county elections office):

  • American Independent Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Libertarian Party

If you registered with no party preference and want to vote in the Presidential primary for one of the following political parties:

  • Republican
  • Green
  • Peace & Freedom

You must re-register to vote with that party by May 23, 2016.

LWVC Supports Proposition 50

At the January 31st meeting the LWVC board voted to support Proposition 50 (SCA 17 of 2013-2014) on the June ballot. This measure will allow, but not require, legislators to forfeit salary, benefits, and privileges of office when suspended. Legislative accountability and combating corruption are both important parts of restoring public trust in government.

It is currently possible to suspend legislators with a two-thirds vote, but not to suspend their salary or benefits. This measure would allow, but not require, the Legislature to suspend a member and deem the salary and benefits forfeited.

Such actions are highly unusual: the three senators suspended in 2014 were the first suspended in the 164 years of the Legislature. Over the years, five senators have been expelled, and several senators accused of corruption resigned in 1985. The Assembly has never suspended or expelled a member.

LWVBA Supports Bay Restoration Authority Ballot Measure AA

LWV of the Bay Area has endorsed Measure AA, the $12 per parcel tax that will be on the June, 2016 ballot in all nine Bay Area counties. This measure needs 2/3 voter approval total within the region to pass. Our Bay Area positions support conservation and development of the SF Bay, and also enhancement and preservation of the Bay and its shorelines. LWVUS policies on climate change also support adaptation activities related to climate change, such as sea level rise. This measure will generate funding for restoration of San Francisco Bay wetlands, benefiting people, wildlife, and the Bay Area economy. More wetlands will improve the bay by filtering out pollution for cleaner water; increasing habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife. The measure will expand Bay trails and shoreline access; and protect low-lying communities and infrastructure from floods. We have asked the SF Bay Restoration Authority to develop improved procedures for project selection and oversight.

Measure A

The Leagues of Santa Clara County support Measure A, County Parks Ballot Measure and will sign a rebuttal argument.