This bill, titled the Housing Crisis Act of 2019, is in effect from 1/1/20 – 1/1/25. It states there shall be no net loss of units; those displaced must be provided with relocation benefits that are different than those provided by Mountain View’s Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance (with these differences presently being studied by staff). Rent-stabilized or rent-restricted units, or units occupied by low or very low-income tenants in the last 5 years must be replaced by new units affordable to those tenants. Displaced tenants in those units shall have the right of first refusal to rent or buy new units at an affordable price. SB 330 also states that the city can’t change its zoning standards or other requirements or its impact fees once plans for a development have been submitted. A city cannot have more than 5 public hearings to consider a development, cannot impose moratoria on building housing, nor impose housing caps, and cannot downzone an area from how it was zoned as of 1/18.

Housing Crisis Act of 2019
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