Assisted Housing is housing where the monthly costs to the tenants are subsidized by federal, state or other programs. Sometimes the term subsidized housing is used for assisted housing. Most commonly, such housing is built as a development that is totally affordable to lower-income households. Often, there is a mixture of units in terms of affordable rents, with some units affordable to those at extremely-low incomes, others at lower incomes, etc. This type of housing is exempt from all provisions of the CSFRA. Today, these developments usually have financing through the federal low income housing tax credit program. Tax credits are available to investors for investing in these developments. Developments such as Ginzton Terrace, San Antonio Place, Franklin Street Family Apartments, Maryce Freelen Place and The Fountains are all tax-credit financed projects in Mountain View. Google has been an investor in such tax credits. Applications for tax credits are extremely competitive in California and in order to be competitive the developments need not only to be near public transportation and other amenities, but the local jurisdictions have to finance much of the development cost.

Los Altos and Los Altos Hills have no assisted (subsidized) units.

subsidized housing
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