Committee Chair – Ellen Wheeler

Our local League’s Education Committee is actually a Santa Clara county-wide committee, drawing participants from all five county leagues. Meetings are held about six times a year, usually in Mountain View, to discuss ideas and challenges common across the county and the state.

Who Joins this Committee

Members have commented how much they enjoy having the opportunity to talk over education issues with others who are knowledgeable about, passionate about, or just what to learn more about how to have an impact on our tax-payer supported educational system in the State of California. Quite a few members are education producers — education administrators, school board trustees, teachers, retired teachers, etc., but other members are education consumers  — parents, grandparents, or policy wonks.

What this Committee Does

Meeting topics span a broad range of California and local education issues –  early childhood education,  k-12 schools, community colleges, and also state higher education.
Ellen Wheeler, our local Education Committee chair, brings news about the status of state education bills and the state education budget down to the local county committee members. However, she also brings the local insight of our local county members up to the LWV of California education committee as well.

Ellen is always on the look out for interesting education-related articles and event forums, and is always accepting suggestions from members, sending out alerts and article links to the entire LWVSCC Education Group on her email list. The committee urges members to attend education events, to take notes, and write an account for our League publications.

Our local county committee has the drive and acumen to get things done at the LWVC Education Advocacy level – the state level.  Our local league was the incubator for launching a new LWVC study of public higher education approved on the floor of the LWVC convention in San Jose in 2013. Four of our local members, (plus Eleanor Yick, president of LWV Southwest Santa Clara County) formed the LWVC Higher Ed. Subgroup and worked diligently over seven months to research and develop the study scope that was ultimately approved by the LWVC board for the upcoming Higher Ed. Study. Those four local members were Lucas Ramirez, Max Beckman-Harned, Pat Showalter, Abby Longcor, and of course, Ellen Wheeler.

How to Get Involved

Interested in getting involved? Our Education Committee meets locally for lunch on the fourth Monday of the month in May, June, August, October, January, and March. If you’d like to join us, please email [email protected] and you will be put on the email list for the next meeting agenda and location.