The women and men of the League of Women Voters work to make sure that every citizen can vote, every vote is counted and every voter has fair and unbiased information to understand the issues on the ballot and the candidates’ opinions.

We never support or oppose candidates or parties, but we are political.

We study public issues and take stands on them–so that we can support or oppose ballot measures, proposed laws and government actions and educate our fellow citizens about significant policy issues.

League work goes on at all levels of government–the County, Bay Area, California, the nation.

We have active teams/committees and regular meetings. Our education team actively studies and takes action on education k-12 and community colleges. Our Housing team actively studies local development and housing and takes action on local affordable housing and public infrastructure.

Membership is open to persons at least 16 years old. Below you can learn about our underlying principles, policies and structure and meet our Board.